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Time Away

Caltech offers a number of options—paid and unpaid—for taking time away from work to manage personal, medical, or family issues.

Types of Leave

Medical* and Pregnancy Leave is for your own serious health condition or pregnancy-related disability.

Provide a written statement from your health-care provider with start date of your leave date, probable duration of leave and anticipated return-to-work date (this statement should not include diagnosis).

Postdoctoral Scholars Pregnancy Leave

Intermittent Leave* allows partial or full days off that are considered leave time and meet eligibility requirements.

Family Care Medical Leave* is for the care of your child, spouse, registered domestic partner, or parent.

Provide a written statement from the family member’s health-care provider to include:

  • Confirmation that a serious health condition exists for the employee’s family member (should not include diagnosis)
  • That the condition warrants the participation of the employee
  • The type of assistance needed by the employee’s family member
  • The date the leave will begin and the probable duration of leave (end date)

Employees may use up to ten (10) days, per calendar year, of their accrued sick leave to care for a qualified family member. This limit may be increased up to an additional ten (10 days) upon receipt of appropriate medical documentation for a total of twenty (20) days of sick leave. Once the 20 days is exhausted, vacation accrual must be used.

Total family care leave is limited to twelve (12) weeks per rolling year. 

Baby Bonding* is for the birth of the employee’s child, adoption or placement of a foster child.

Provide official documents related to the birth, adoption, or foster care placement.

Total bonding leave is limited to twelve (12) weeks to be taken within 1 year from the date of baby’s birth, adoption or placement of a foster child.

*Duration of leave may vary depending on eligibility. If leave eligibility is not met, the employee should discuss their options with the Disability & Leave Administrator.

Requesting a Medical or Family Leave of Absence

Contact the Caltech leave administrator at (626) 395-3092 to obtain a leave-of-absence packet and/or to schedule a consultation.

Leaves of absence should be requested 30 days in advance or as soon as practicable.

Your leave-of-absence packet will contain

  • A leave-of-absence request form
  • State Disability Insurance (SDI) or Paid Family Leave (PFL) benefits application
  • A blank medical certification form for your physician to complete
  • A copy of the personnel memorandum
  • A leave-of-absence checklist to help you manage your leave

When the required documents have been completed and submitted, leave eligibility will be verified and you will be notified if your leave has been approved.

Other Absences

  • Paid Time Off for Benefit Based Employees (Vacation, Sick Leave, Holidays, Bereavement, Jury Duty) - Please refer to PM 15-2 (PDF)
  • Paid Time Off for Non-Benefit Based Employees  - Please refer to PM 15-8 (PDF)
  • Personal Leave of Absence - Please refer to PM 25 (PDF)
  • Military Leave - Please refer to PM 15-7 (PDF)
  • Other Leaves of Absence - Please refer to PM 27 (PDF)

Questions regarding leaves of absence should be directed to the Disability & Leave Administration Unit at (626) 395-3092 or (626) 395-4577.