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Electronic Paycheck Stub (Online Payslip)

Additional Payroll Information

Payroll Services is now part of Financial Services. Up to date documents can be found by visiting the payroll services website.


Caltech attracts, recruits, and supports individuals who have the intellect, passion, energy and courage to tackle complex problems in new ways. That’s why it’s so important to attract, motivate and retain the best and brightest employees with the skills needed to achieve Caltech’s mission. The Institute’s Compensation Program is designed to meet the needs of a dynamic and unique workforce whose focus is on education, science and engineering.

Salaries are a critical component of compensation, which is why we take into account an individual’s knowledge, skills, and abilities as they relate to the requirements of a position. In addition, we continually evaluate our salaries to ensure they remain both competitive and equitable. Download the Employee Guide to Staff Compensation (PDF) to learn more about compensation at Caltech.

Timekeeping (Kronos) Training & Guides

Due to serious security and compatibility issues with Java, IMSS recommends using Time Keeping (Kronos) Limited instead of regular Time Keeping (Kronos). Time Keeping Limited doesn’t require Java, so it is more compatible with all common operating systems and browsers, yet it can still accomplish the same common tasks and functions as regular Time Keeping for employees and managers.

Time Keeping (Kronos) Limited FAQ

Time Keeping (Kronos) User Guides

Time Keeping (Kronos) Instructional Videos (CBT)